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Ritual Bathing

Ritual Bathing

From 7-9:30pm in Soquel, CA (5 minutes south of Santa Cruz.)

$45. Limited to 6 women.

This event is by invitation only. If you would like an invitation please call Evelyn at 831-239-2085 or email

2018 Full Moon Dates:
Wednesday, January 31
Thursday, March 1
Saturday, April 28
Tuesday, May 29
Wednesday, June 27
Friday, July 27
Saturday, August 25
Tuesday, September 25
Wednesday, October 24
Saturday, December 22

2018 New Moon Dates:
Thursday, February 15
Saturday, March 17
Tuesday, April 17
Tuesday, May 15
Wednesday, June 13
Thursday, July 12
Saturday, August 11
Saturday, September 8
Tuesday, October 9
Wednesday, November 7
Thursday, December 6

Special Bathings:
Spring Equinox Bathing: Friday, March 20
Summer Solstice Bathing: Thursday, June 21
Fall Equinox Bathing: Friday, September 21
All Hallows Eve Bathing: Wednesday, October 31
Winter Solstice Bathing: Friday, December 21

Ritual bathing is a deeply relaxing and spiritual experience. It calls to our ancient roots of women bathing together under the moon. The Ceremony begins with lighting a candle of intention/prayer for the Ceremony. The bathing consists of three rounds in the the sauna (body/mind/soul). In the sauna we chant, sing and send blessings with every pour on the hot stones and every drop of sweat. In between we enjoy a refreshing cold shower and rest in the hot tub or just sit under the moon. We nourish and renew the whole self with healing salt and sugar scrubs, hair oil and conditioner, all made from natural ingredients with pure essential oils. We drink healing waters with herbs and flower essences that help us to release what needs to be released and cleanse from the inside out. Ritual Bathing is a time for you to relax, focus on your own self care and allow the Soul to shine through, all in sacred time, in a safe place, in the company of supportive women.

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“When I go bathe, I cleanse and release, then feel reborn, transformed, grateful and renewed. Evelyn – you are an angel to offer this nurturing opportunity to us all.”

Ritual Bathing

“I leave each Ritual Bathing with a sense of peace and love that stays with me until the following month. The power of women gathering together is truly a gift…and along with Evelyn’s masterful way of guiding us forward, we have been able to do life changing work over the years.”

Ritual Bathing

“I’m so grateful to have “bathed” with you in the abundance of your fertile garden, creativity, and generosity. What a beautifully designed, flavored and scented ritual. I could have lingered in the silent presence of the divas and love dancing in your space for ages!”

Ritual Bathing

“Such a magical night! Thank you for making this space and offering us the continued path to self discovery.”

Ritual Bathing

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