Moving Meditation

Celebrate Fall Ritual Dance

October 5 & November 2 from 7-9 pm
Breath and Oneness in Capitola

You are invited to join me for an evening of Ritual Dance to celebrate the fall equinox and call in intentions and prayers for the autumn season of letting go, and turning inward to nourish the seeds for next year.

This ritual is not just for our bones alone! But also for the bones of the Earth and the well-being of All Of Our Relations.

We will Begin at the Altar opening with prayers of gratitude for all the abundance of our personal and collective harvest this year, both physically and spiritually. From gratitude we land in our bones for a moving meditation, offering invocations~ intentions and prayers for the upcoming season.

With music as healing medicine we allow our prayers~intentions~`invocations to dance us into embodied wholeness. Surrendering to a deep authentic movement from your own integrated center, intentions and prayers fly on their own wings.

Please bring a gift to the Altar of your gratitude and anything for the Altar to be changed by the Ritual.

Where: Breath+Oneness: 708 Capitola Ave, Capitola CA 95010
When:  10/5/18 & 11/2/18
Time: 7-9 pm
Contribution:  $20

Dance Your Dreams Awake

First Friday of the Month in Soquel Village!

“Your body is the ground metaphor of your life, the expression of your existence...”   - Gabrielle Roth

Where: Soquel Village
When:  First Friday of the Month
Time: 6:30-8:30 pm
Contribution:  $20

Dream Dance

What does it mean to live your dreams? What is the process of creating and living the life you dream of?  What is your Soul dance? What is your dream dance? We can get lost in the analytical search of these questions. Dreaming cannot be understood by the mind alone. A deeper understanding of dreaming can be achieved through the ancient art of dance. 

 You are invited to join me as we explore, through our group’s collective wisdom, what dreams are made of. Drawing from the deep well of body wisdom and analytical understanding, we will dance our dream states. We will move fluidly between day and night dreams, as we dance to explore the conscious and unconscious, as well as our imaginative and analytical minds. This will allow our deepest dreams to reveal themselves, and ignite them to shape our lives. As we gather our dreams, we will travel through trance states, the Five Rhythms Map of Gabrielle Roth, and authentic movement, to find our Soul dance and begin to live our dreams.

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