Hypnosis for Stress Release: A Meditation on Presence


20-minute hypnosis/guided meditation recording includes tuned chimes and soft ocean waves in the background to help you relax, de-stress and care for yourself in times of stress & anxiety. Download only or CD available.
The Stress Release Package includes CD, Sun Burst Mist & Oil



How To Use:
Listening with ear buds or headphones offers the best sound, but listening on your computer or a CD player also works well. For best results, listen daily for 7-21 days, then as needed. It is not recommended to listen while driving. It is best to take a 20 min break, sit comfortably or lie down and immerse yourself in the experience while learning how to quite your mind and relax your body.

Sun Burst Mist & Fragrance Oil:
Sun Burst is hand-crafted using pure essential oils and flower essences abundant with properties that provide a boost of rejuvenating energy to combat fatigue and uplifts spirits. Mist yourself & the air around you to help release stress & tension. Apply oil to neck, wrists or pulse points. Take 3 deep breaths.

Essential Oils:
Spearmint stimulates nerve in brain function.
Orange is cheering and uplifting.
Tangerine increases playfulness in the placement.
Bergamont eliminates fatigue.

Flower essences:
Blackberry provides a pick me up when feeling the third chicken and inspired.
Zinnia raises spirits and causes feelings of lightheartedness.
Larkspur sparks motivation to conquer a task or project with enthusiasm.


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