Hypnosis: Ground of Wellbeing


The Ground Of Well Being is a 20-minute self-hypnosis/meditation inviting you to discover the power you have to maintain your own center of well-being, regardless of outside influences or conditions. It teaches you how to return to your own ground of well-being in stressful times and to remind yourself you have everything you need to be peaceful and calm within you. Download only or CD available.



How To Use:
Listening with ear buds or headphones offers the best sound, but listening on your computer or a CD player also works well. For best results, listen daily for 7-21 days, then as needed. It is not recommended to listen while driving. It is best to take a 20 min break, sit comfortably or lie down and immerse yourself in the experience of coming back to your ground of wellbeing and learning how to quiet your mind and relax your body.


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