Hypnosis is an art & science that helps you take control of your inner & outer life. Powerful, safe & results oriented, to be in hypnosis is a wonderful, relaxed & pleasant feeling. Your mind, with all its stress/worry, can allow itself to calm down & quiet the chatter.



Now more than ever, we need to gather together, slow down and create the balance we, our families and our communities, need to reconnect with what is important. Making time in our lives to gather & witness each other through Ceremonies and Retreats is wisdom in action.


Plant Remedies

Nature always heals us & brings us back to balance, harmony, wonder & joy. I create healing blends for your specific needs & teach you how to use them to relax & restore. Essential Oils & Flower Essences are a natural remedies for emotional & mental wellness.

“Evelyn is such an open-hearted and loving teacher. She expresses so much in her movement and dance and helps her students do the same. She has magical, healing hands. I loved starting each morning, outside, dancing and moving.”


Bali Retreat

“I’m so grateful to have “bathed” with you in the abundance of your fertile garden, creativity, and generosity. What a beautifully designed, flavored and scented ritual. I could have lingered in the silent presence of the divas and love dancing in your space for ages!”

Ritual Bathing

“With each ceremony, the validation and guidance that always happens makes me feel like yes – the Universe hears me and knows I exist. Each month’s Circle encapsulates the caring that happens with sisters meet to offer support to each other instead of criticism and judgement.”

Wisdom Circle

“Evelyn serves as a spiritual guide/teacher providing sage, loving, nonjudgmental counsel when needed and providing a sacred space for us embrace our true inner selves as we discover our own unique path. What occurs in her Circles and Ceremonies is so transformational in such a subtle and gradual way that 6 months to a year can go by and all of a sudden you realize you are not the same person you were when you started.”


Ceremonies & Retreats

“Evelyn is amazing. She will find a way to do just the right thing to bring you peace or power. Maybe both if you need that. You will be different when you leave The Yurt of All Things Possible!”



Evelyn Hall 2

About Evelyn

Evelyn Hall is a Master Hypnotherapist, Healing Arts Practitioner, Minister and Counselor. She brings more than 30 years experience to her work with individuals, couples, and groups. With her unique blend of counseling, hypnosis, healing touch, aromatherapy and flower essences, she has helped thousands of people find healing in body, mind and soul.

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