“Evelyn has a rare gift in being able to speak to the unconscious of the body through her words. Her hypnotic suggestions as I was going through cancer treatments were invaluable in mobilizing both my body and my mind to work with the medicine of the treatments while eliminating all toxic side effects. Her use of imagery, the pacing and rhythm of her words, the exquisitely attuned sensitivity of her touch helped me immeasurably to go through the rigors of my treatment and keep my spirit and body in a positive mindset. She is a truly gifted medical hypnotherapist.”

- Anonymous Hypnosis Client

“Evelyn is a master of listening and asking the right questions, she mirrors my thoughts good and bad so that I can see and feel what is going on in my oh so busy mind.  Only when I can hear what I am actually saying and feeling can I heal. Evelyn is the vessel that gets me there. You open your door and I am safe. Your presence so complete I can relax to feel and hear what I need.  Your words lead me to trust that I am healing and repairing my soul. How can I thank you for all the love, experience, wisdom and kindness you have taught me? You are my Spiritual Guide leading me to my own inner soul voice. You heal so many minds and bodies.  Thank you for opening your door and welcoming me home.”

- Cathy, Hypnosis Client

“Evelyn’s greatest gift is her ability to listen with her whole self; she brings such compassion and understanding to this walk of being human. She has many tools in her toolbox and I am ever amazed at her ability to keep growing and sharing her vast wisdom in such a self-empowering style. I am a different person because of my work with Evelyn. If you are looking for healing from within and finding your own truth and power she is the one to call. I can’t recommend her enough!

- Sue, Hypnosis Client

“Evelyn has nurtured her rare gift of combining heart, spirit and intellect to create programs that have literally changed, and saved, the lives of hundreds of people over the past 27 years.   I’ve witnessed her work with teens and adults from all walks of life, and I’m always amazed, and profoundly moved, by the way she engages people to help them to find their own inner strengths and core natures, and gives them the real-world skills to use them in down-to-earth, powerful ways.”

-Jim, Hypnosis Client

“Evelyn has a vast “tool kit” she is a gifted counselor, body healer, aromatherapist, and hypnotherapist but she is more to me. I have been blessed to have been working with Evelyn on and off for 8 years. In the time with her as my guide she has walked with me through an inner journey of much darkness, holding the light for me to find my way. I needed to see more than a black and white reality. She helped me see rainbows of me. She helped me find the key to unlock the jail I lived in from my childhood to find the freedom to be the woman I am. I feel that without her I would not be me today. Today I am out of my inner prison and I hold now my own inner light that revels a rainbow of choices for my life. She is magic. A true guide. I will always love her.”

-Sudha, Hypnosis Client

“Evelyn has created a space for me to hear my best truth.  She opens the path for me to travel back to the place where I remember who I am… bringing balance to the lopsided topple I often allow the world to drag or throw or trick me into. I guess it’s a little awkward to call Evelyn an  Intuitive Spiritual Pathfinder With A Giant Bag O’ Tricks! But that is what she is to me, she helps me calm the confounding noise of the world, and point the way to my own best self.   I feel that whatever it takes, she is going to help me get back home. Thanks Evelyn for your open heart and your expansive mind and your child-like curiosity.

-Leslie, Hypnosis Client

“Evelyn is amazing.  She will find a way to do just the right thing to bring you peace or power.  Maybe both if you need that.  You will be different when you leave The Yurt of All Things Possible!”

-Ann, Hypnosis Client

“Evelyn is such an open-hearted and loving teacher. She expresses so much in her movement and dance and helps her students do the same. She has magical, healing hands. I loved starting each morning, outside, dancing and moving.”

-LR, Bali Retreat

“Evelyn is what she teaches. Her love of dance as an expression of the spirit that lives inside us is palpable. She makes it safe and thrilling to move on the outside the way you feel on the inside.”

-AW, Bali Retreat

“Evelyn is an intuitive, expansive, generous teacher who created a safe, playful space to explore movement and meditation.”

-AM, Bali Retreat

“Evelyn’s voice is soothing. Her guidance leaves so much space for my own process, Her touch transforms me.”

-PS, Bali Retreat

“Evelyn is a happy teacher, which makes learning from her fun. She has a way of moving that invites others to join the dance.”

-BW, Bali Retreat

“Evelyn offers and creates a space.. of such acceptance, inclusion, curiosity and presence that healing/movement can actually take place. I say actually because I think we live in a time when many are looking for a quick painless fix or healing..looking for someone else to “magically” lift their burden…heal their pain. The gift and beauty of Ceremonies with Evelyn is that in the space I spoke of, in that place of presence there is no one to bump into, nothing to defend against…but the self. From that experience can come great self-awareness, acceptance and healing. My experience is one of self- empowerment in my own inner knowing and trust in mystery.”

-AB, Ceremonies & Retreats

“Evelyn serves as a spiritual guide/teacher providing sage, loving, nonjudgmental counsel when needed and providing a sacred space for us embrace our true inner selves as we discover our own unique path. What occurs in her Circles and Ceremonies is so transformational in such a subtle and gradual way that 6 months to a year can go by and all of a sudden you realize you are not the same person you were when you started.”

-AW, Ceremonies & Retreats

“Such a magical night! Thank you for making this space and offering us the continued path to self discovery.”

-Ritual Bathing Participant

“I’m so grateful to have “bathed” with you in the abundance of your fertile garden, creativity, and generosity. What a beautifully designed, flavored and scented ritual. I could have lingered in the silent presence of the divas and love dancing in your space for ages!”

-Ritual Bathing Participant

“With each ceremony, the validation and guidance that always happens makes me feel like yes – the Universe hears me and knows I exist. Each month’s Circle encapsulates the caring that happens with sisters meet to offer support to each other instead of criticism and judgement.”

-Wisdom Circle Participant

“I leave each Ritual Bathing with a sense of peace and love that stays with me until the following month. The power of women gathering together is truly a gift…and along with Evelyn’s masterful way of guiding us forward, we have been able to do life changing work over the years.”

-Ritual Bathing Participant

“When I go bathe, I cleanse and release, then feel reborn, transformed, grateful and renewed. Evelyn – you are an angel to offer this nurturing opportunity to us all.”

-Ritual Bathing Participant

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