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Ritual Bathing Evelyn Hall

Ritual Bathing

From 7-9:30pm in Soquel, CA (5 min. south of Santa Cruz.)

$45. Limited to 6 women.

This event is by invitation only. If you would like an invitation please call Evelyn at 831-239-2085 or email evelyn@evelynhall.org.
All Ritual Bathings are currently full. Please email me to be put on the waiting list.

*Groups of 6 women may request a Ritual Bathing for any important event in their lives or to set a meaningful and fun way to connect with your circle of women. Email me or call for more info.

Ritual bathing is a deeply relaxing and spiritual experience. It calls to our ancient roots of women bathing together under the moon. The Ceremony begins with lighting a candle of intention/prayer for the Ceremony. The bathing consists of three rounds in the the sauna (body/mind/soul). In the sauna we chant, sing and send blessings with every pour on the hot stones and every drop of sweat. In between we enjoy a refreshing cold shower and rest in the hot tub or just sit under the moon. We nourish and renew the whole self with healing salt and sugar scrubs, hair oil and conditioner, all made from natural ingredients with pure essential oils. We drink healing waters with herbs and flower essences that help us to release what needs to be released and cleanse from the inside out. Ritual Bathing is a time for you to relax, focus on your own self care and allow the Soul to shine through, all in sacred time, in a safe place, in the company of supportive women.


Taking The Time For Soul ~ Shared Wisdom Circles for Women

Series Meets 4 Thursdays in 2020 from 6:30-9:00 pm.

Every 3 months working with the seasons.

Contribution: Sliding Scale $ 240-300. You can pay weekly, monthly or all at once. Please commit to all 4 sessions as they build up to the complete experience. If you need to miss one that would be ok.

Spring Series - March 19, 2020
Summer Series - June 18, 2020
Autumn Series - September 17, 2020
Winter Series - December 17, 2020

The true meaning of sisterhood is a powerful force to have in our lives, it connects us to a deep well of wisdom and inspiration. You are invited to join me and a small circle of women for a series on tending to the Soul.

Using Ceremony, Ritual and the Divine Feminine Teachings as our map we will travel paths long neglected and forgotten in our busy, contemporary world. Paths that lead us to reclaim and remember the journey of the Soul.

Ceremony, Ritual and Sacred Symbols have been used for thousands of years to invoke and communicate with the Mystery, it awakens our personal power and brings a deeper meaning to our lives. Sharing our wisdom we will cultivate a deeper connection to nature, while learning to keep our minds and hearts open. During this series you will have plenty of time to listen more deeply and be guided by your own spirit, inner body wisdom and knowing We will dive into our inner wisdom and support each other to reclaim and weave the mystery and magic back into everyday life.


Working with Plants as Allies: A Weekend Retreat for Women

Location: The Garden Of Many Blessings Retreat Center, Soquel CA

Time: Arrival time is 11am on Saturday & the retreat concludes at 4pm on Sunday
Dates: August 15-16, 2020
Cost: Commuter: $225, Stay on site: $280

On site accommodations include: Air beds in yurt or tent camping, includes all meals. Location and details will be sent upon registration
Limited to 8 women

All our medicines come from plants. Most of our food comes from plants. The beauty around us comes from plants. It is a magical world to enter the realm of plants, trees, and flowers. In this weekend retreat we will spend time with the plants in the garden, we will look at them, draw them, write about them, ingest them and do Ceremony with them. There are many ways to work with plant medicine, during our weekend together we will drink teas, work with essential oils, flower essences, and the plants themselves.

The purpose of the weekend is to just unwind, relax, disconnect and reconnect to the natural world. The weekend will include a ritual bathing, delicious fresh foods from the farmer market, mixing and creating healing potions, journeying to the plant world, and just sitting with plants. A restorative, rejuvenating, relaxing weekend for women to just be and play and co create with Nature. Weekend includes a Ritual Bathing.


Writing as a Pathway Through Grief, Loss, Uncertainty and Change: A Weeklong Retreat with Laura Davis and Evelyn Hall

Commonweal Retreat Center, Bolinas, CA

 Wednesday, Sept 30 — Sunday, Oct 6, 2020

I was able to co teach this retreat with Laura Davis last year and it was amazing. Such bonding, learning and love permeated this retreat.  Laura is a master at teaching her life changing writing practice, along with our combined  ability to create and maintain a safe and sacred space, the result was deeply healing.  I highly recommend you visit Laura’s website, the link is below, to learn more about this retreat. And I hope you can join us.

This retreat is for people who have come to a crossroads in their lives, due to the death of someone close, a loss like divorce, empty nest, or a move, an illness, a major life transition, shift in status, aging or simply the deep inner urge to chart a new course or make significant change in your life. If you’re feeling “ripe with uncertainty” or are in transition from one phase of life to another, this retreat is for you. Experience the power of healing, the gift of supportive community & the profound impact guided writing can have in facing the unknown with courage.

 Learn more & sign up here: https://lauradavis.net/commonweal

Schedule a Free initial 15-minute phone consultation.