What To Expect

milkweedbutterflyIn my hypnosis sessions you can expect:

  • To be deeply listened to and understood in what you want to address.
  • To learn to relax profoundly in your mind and body.
  • To explore your inner landscape of thoughts/suggestions/beliefs/feelings, that influence you in helpful, healthy ways or fearful, destructive ways.
  • To learn how to control your own mind- body connection and how to change the inner dynamics that cause suffering while strengthening the inner states that create healing and change.

Outcomes you can expect:

  • You will relax deeply and profoundly and learn how to change negative behaviors into positive ones.
  • You will learn how to affect great changes in your life by how you speak and listen to yourself.
  • You will learn how to access inner resources, intuitions, and wisdom that will support your ability to choose positive behaviors.
  • You will learn how the power of suggestions commands you and how to control your own mind to accept and create suggestions that heal and support you.

Note: I do not diagnose or treat any mental or physical disorders. Hypnosis does not replace medical treatment, it, in fact, it works best as a complementary support to both western and traditional medical treatments.



How much time does Hypnosis take?

img_6543This varies depending upon each person and her/his goals. Someone who is very committed to quitting smoking may have success in one to three sessions, other issues may take more sessions.

We will decide together what will best serve your needs. All healing is self-healing and we each have our own unique healing journey. I have found that there is no one-size fits all template.


Hypnosis: A Healing Art

OwlWhat is hypnosis as a healing art, how is it different from stage hypnosis?

Hypnosis as a healing art is a tool to guide and lead you to drink from the deeper well of relaxation and self-mastery, only you can take the drink; you are in total control at all times.

All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. The hypnotist cannot make you do anything. Stage hypnosis is a show, and everyone on the stage agrees to put on the best show possible. The hypnotist is not making the people do things; rather the subjects are agreeing to act on the suggestions s/he is giving.



What do I do?

Evelyn-drumIn my 30 years offering this work, I’ve helped people from all walks of life to take control of:

Insomnia, Phobias, Addictions, Pain Reduction, Stress Reduction, Weight Loss & Body Image, Preparation For Giving Birth, General Anxiety & Depression, Exam & Interview Preparation, Enhancing Athletic Performance, Support During Medical Treatments, Surgery Preparation & Recovery Support, Enhancing Quality of Life W/ Chronic Health Conditions

What is hypnosis?

Pleasure-point-squareHypnosis is both a tool and a practice that allow you to engage in the radical act of taking back ownership of your mind and body. Rather than putting you to “sleep,” it actually awakens you to your own personal power and self-mastery. Hypnosis can be easily mastered to help you reclaim the power of your own imagination, language and bodily responses. The power and healing found in hypnosis establishes and maintains immediate healing and communication between your conscious and unconscious body and mind.

Your inner state is dependent on what you think. Many studies have shown that thinking is the same as doing within the body. When you think fearful thoughts, your body responds by increasing blood pressure and going into the “fight or flight” state. When you think relaxing, affirming thoughts your blood pressure goes down and your body enters a relaxed state. Through the simple act of deeply relaxing your body, slowing down your mind and really listening to yourself, you can choose which thoughts to act on. It sounds easy but it takes practice, repetition and a commitment to understanding the dynamics of your own mind.

Hypnosis is a natural condition that happens when we are in a relaxed and focused state of mind. This state allows suggestions to bypass the critical mind, known as the gatekeeper. The best example is when you are watching a good movie, you are completely focused and absorbed, suspending critical judgment in order to fully believe and enjoy the story. Advertisers and the mass media know of and exploit this natural state of mind inundating us with suggestions, telling us what to buy, what to think, and how to feel. Suggestions are coming at us from everywhere, all the time. Learning self-hypnosis not only restores your innate ability to create, accept and act on suggestions that you choose, it also teaches you how to use and understand your conscious and unconscious minds. If I say, do not think about a great horned owl, what did you think about? The unconscious mind only hears ‘think about…’ The power of our mind is simply amazing.



Why Choose Hypnosis?

San-PedroHypnosis is an art and science that helps you take control of your inner and outer life. To be in hypnosis is a wonderful, relaxed and pleasant feeling. Your mind, with all its stress and worry, can allow itself to calm down and the incessant chatter quiets. Hypnosis is powerful, safe and delivers results. Throughout history, in many different cultures, hypnosis and trance states, have been used to restore, renew, heal and enhance creativity. Using your own natural abilities and deep inner resources, hypnotherapy helps you heal from the inside out. Hypnotherapy creates new patterns that reduce and replace negative thoughts, habits, fears, phobias, addictions and unhelpful internal chatter, resolving inner conflicts and leaving you free to move on. Hypnosis is a short-term treatment, whereby you learn how to be your own best healer.




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Initial session: $130
Follow up sessions:  $115 for 75 minutes

  • Youth, Senior and need-based sliding scale payment options available.
  • Sessions can be done at my offices in either Soquel or Felton, CA, by phone or by Skype.
  • I will create a hypnosis recording specific for you, to listen to at your leisure, as part of your own self-practice.

Packages 3 sessions: $300

  • Quit Smoking
  • Reduce Anxiety
  • Healthy Eating and Living

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Evelyn Hall Master Hypnotherapist, Healing Arts Practitioner, Minister and Counselor
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