Building Resilience in a Time of Uncertainty: A Weeklong Writing Retreat with Laura & Evelyn

Bolinas, California
Tuesday, October 29 - Monday November 4, 2024

Building Resilience in a Time of Uncertainty

Bolinas, California

If you’d like to strengthen your capacity to show up in a world full of uncertainty, this weeklong writing workshop, at a gorgeous retreat center perched on the rugged cliffs of the Pacific, will build your inner resources and teach you new skills for meeting life’s challenges with grace, presence, and gratitude.

Writing in community, and being deeply witnessed, is a powerful tool for developing the resilience we need to meet a changing, uncertain world.

During our week together, you will be guided on a creative, healing journey designed to help you develop new skills for meeting life challenges and the deep uncertainty we all face as human beings.

You will walk away with new friends, a notebook full of stories, a steady heart, and invaluable tools for self-soothing.

This life-changing retreat is appropriate to writers at all levels. You do not need to consider yourself a writer to attend. If you are willing to use words as a tool for healing, connecting and community building, you are welcome to join us.

As you savor the beauty of the Northern California coast during an unforgettable week immersed in creative community, you will:

  • Discover the power of writing to enhance self-awareness, end isolation, and find clarity.
  • Develop new practical strategies for navigating uncertain times with equilibrium and grace.
  • Assess, strengthen, and enhance the inner and outer resources you need to face a stressful, crazy world.
  • Deepen your capacity for gratitude and joy, even in troubled times.
  • Reignite your passion for your life goals and the ways you can make a difference.
  • Learn new mindfulness and somatic practices that reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Be embraced by a compassionate, supportive community that will hold your stories, encourage your growth, and support your vision for yourself moving forward.
  • Step outside the nonstop news cycle and exhausting stress of the US presidential election—during the week before the election. Step into community, connection, safety, and sanity.
  • Acquire practical resilience-building tools to effectively navigate future challenges, whatever they may be.
  • Relish quiet, relaxation, walks in beauty, and gorgeous, delicious, memorable meals made with the freshest ingredients and love.

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Daily Rhythm

Our retreat will include ample time for communion, connection, solitude, rest, and rejuvenation.

During the course of our days, there will be meetings with the community as a whole, time to write in small groups, and if you so desire, on your own.

We will meet together as a whole group each morning. After a delicious organic lunch, your afternoons will be free. Many of you will choose to write during this time, harnessing the inspiration and seeds you harvested in the morning.

You can also use this free time to hike, walk on the bluffs by the Pacific Ocean. You can also nap, exercise or share your writing with a new friend. You will also be part of a smaller pod of writers who will write together for an hour every day.

After a fantastic, delicious, organic dinner, we will reconvene as a whole group in the evening.

This extraordinary, life-changing retreat will last for seven days and six nights.

Learn more details about the trip here.

Teachers and Guides

Laura Davis

Laura Davis, Writing Workshop Instructor

Laura Davis is the author of seven non-fiction books, including The Courage to Heal, Becoming the Parent You Want to Be and I Thought We'd Never Speak Again. Laura's groundbreaking books have sold more than 1.8 million copies around the world. Laura has also worked as a columnist, talk show host, radio reporter, radio producer, blogger, editor, and speaker.

Laura's newest book, The Burning Light of Two Stars: A Mother-Daughter Story, her first memoir, tells the story of her dramatic and tumultuous relationship with her mother from the time of Laura's birth until her mother's death. You can read the first five chapters for free here.

She is a cancer survivor, the mother of three, the grandmother of three, and has buried both her parents. In other words, she is a well-seasoned human being.

11-11-24 Evelyn_5

Evelyn Hall, Co-Facilitator

Evelyn Hall is a social worker, master hypnotherapist, and minister. For the past 35 years, Evelyn has been guiding individuals and leading groups, helping people find healing in body, mind, and spirit. Evelyn specializes in transformative healing practices including somatic awareness, movement, meditation, healing through nature, and leading sacred ceremonies. She brings a depth to grief work by teaching clients to allow the natural healing process of grief to occur: addressing and transforming feelings and thoughts through body, mind and spirit. In this path, grief becomes the healing journey.


What's included:

  • Room, board and three delicious meals a day.
  • All instruction for a life-changing retreat.
  • The services of your capable, compassionate leaders.
  • An amazing community that will lead to deep connections and new friends.
  • A copy of Laura's award-winning memoir, The Burning Light of Two Stars

What's not included:

  • Transportation to and from Bolinas.
  • Personal, medical, and travel insurance to protect your investment in the retreat.
  • Tips for the kitchen and the cleaning staff.


Cost: $2,800 for a spot in a double-occupancy room; $3,600 for the small single occupancy room; $3,800 for a standard single occupancy room.

Payment Schedule: A $1,000 deposit is due with your registration ($500 of this payment is nonrefundable). The remaining balance will be due on July 15, 2024.

Retreat Tuition Cancellations and Refunds Policy: $500 of your initial payment is nonrefundable and will be forfeited in all cases. After July 15, 2024, there will be no refunds. Exceptions to this cancellation policy cannot be made for any reason, including personal emergencies. Travel protection insurance will provide your only option for recouping your tuition investment.

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